And then she heard the echo of the BIG BANG -
He entered her slowly on the kitchen formica top.
Sylvarluxe's third disc is a potent blend of art pop experimentation and highly developed controlled danceable chaos. An overt sexuality always informs Sylvarluxe music but on this outing modern combustible politics mixes with the expressionist libidinous lyrics. At times the disc sounds like an updated soundtrack to Kubrick's "2001 A Space Odyssey" and other times like a cocktail party gone horribly wrong. A sense of loss and regret pervades and though the disc ends with resignation it does so in a stately grand manner.
H.C.E. - We are prepared to go to the gates of hell... but no further.
Sylvarluxe has created a truly unique and inspiring soundtrack to this full on, experimental, avant garde movie. Lush and decaying music pervades as a six year old girl quotes such luminaries as Franz Kafka, Marcel Duchamp, The Book of the Dead, Pascal, Ibsen, Shakespeare, H.P. Lovecraft and many others that touchess on everything from Egyptian, Greek, and Norse mythology to the French Revolution and World War II, and then on to September 11. As one listens to this soundtrack one conjures images of a post apocalyptic world as a child tells us what went wrong.
VIVA : "so what" she said as she trashed the place like a hurricane.
Sylvarluxe records truly cosmopolitan music. Opener "Viva" is a lush-sounding song, all angular grace and danger. "Good Morning Midnight" sees Katy singing of nightclub ennui in a way Bryan Ferry would applaud. "The Tragic Death of a French Rock'n'Roll Star" is pithy and reminiscent of Serge Gainsbourg. "He was found naked, sprawled out on a fur rug, a cigarette dangling from his lips" they sing. This record is as beautiful and oddly glacial as a supermodel.